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Some comments from our 2016 Parent Evaluation

‘Lots of fun homemade items, e.g. mothers day card & tea (very thoughtful) & seed pot for mother’s day.’

‘Confident child is well looked after,…’

‘Although my son has not been attending Immnuels for long, he has settled in wonderfully.’

‘We are very pleased with the nursery. X was very happy in toddler room, and this has continued in preschool.’

‘The nursery is a safe place and a good environment for the children.’

‘I commend teachers for their good work. My son has improved ever since he started. ‘

‘Good team working & communication.’

‘Staff L and staff K have been very caring key workers and good at identifying areas for X to develop.'

‘I think in the last few months my child has developed positively. Teachers and staff have been excellent under the umbrella of team work. ‘

‘X toilet trained & moved up to Lions room, developing well there with older peers. Doing very well in your activity weeks – fancy dress, red nose day, lots of events & activities for children, e.g. fancy dress, seasonal events, trips out, photographer, Easter egg hunt, red nose day, etc. X has leant more about events this year, e.g. Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s day, Mother’ s day, Easter, special planned activities & homemade items/gifts to take home… ‘

‘I have seen a lot of development. It would not have been the same if X & Y were to be just at home. Improvements in interactions, singing. E.g. X is very talkative (although you do not see that at nursery). Generally there is a big improvement. ‘

‘Interaction with the afterschool club, it is nice for preschoolers to mix with children slightly older.

'Garden facilities have improved and the children seem to spend a lot of time outside, which is good.’

‘My daughter is more confident now in her walking and interacting with people.’nn ‘Enjoying seeing images/videos of things she does during the day.’

‘I like the new layout of the garden, lots of activities, i.e. Stay & play seems more settled - there was a bit of staff movement.’

‘Stay & play, got to see some of A’s friends, and spend time with teachers and parents, even though some parents knew each other, they were very welcoming.’

‘Eylog - online learning journeys’

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